Another First Monday

Well, today is a new day!… for starting over… again. Those are some very encouraging words from my inner optimist.


Anyway. I’ve decided to start this blog because I want to document this journey. You see, I have many hobbies and personal projects. One of those projects happens to be myself.

I want to look the absolute best I can look, naturally (no snips or tucks). The best skin, hair, eyes, teeth, and most importantly, body ;).

Do I plan on taking diet pills and using creams and other pharmaceutical crap? Hell no. Most of these things are best accomplished naturally, and I want to find out how.

Now you’re probably wondering, who am I, and why am I doing this.

Well, I’m just a girl whose had this issue a very long time (since high school) and I’m just ready to get it over with so I can live instead of wondering who all can see my back rolls. I want to wear whatever the hell I want to and let my body reflect my personality. This blog isn’t just about weight loss though, it’s about looking my personal best.



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