Weight, I’m First

First things first, I start by looking up some “thinspiration” (which is funny, because my “thinspirations” aren’t all that thin, just thinner than me). Some of these girls are celebrities; some are random tumblr chicks; some are people I know and admire (but don’t know they are my thinspirations ;P).

I tried to find a “body twin,” someone who had the exact body I’m looking for, and I found her! Miss Kaylin Garcia is my body twin. I look exactly like her if she were to gain about 20 pounds.

I then gather all of my thinspirations (and some sexy men for extra motivation) and save their pictures into my phone. I downloaded a free app called Bloom which you can set to display up to 15 pics at whatever time you like (mine is set to random) to a song of your choosing (mine is No Hands :P). I look at it everyday and sometimes switch the pictures out to keep it fresh.


Then, I start recording everything. Weight: 151; Bust: 37″; Waist: 29″; Hips: 41.5″. I recorded everything else too, arms, legs, neck, all that stuff.

Apps I use to help:




Then I think up a memorable, cheesy quote to live by. If you can’t think up one, here, have mine:

“Rue the day, but salvage the week”


Then, there’s a list of things to figure out, including:

      • How do you plan to lose weight? By what method? There are so many.
      • How much time can you devote to exercise?
      • How much money can you devote to food?
      • Do you have any friends to do this with you (besides me ;))? If not, would you join a forum?



Let’s break that list down. What I mean by method is, how will you go about it? I have tried many ways, and every way isn’t for everyone.

Diet and Exercise? Weight Watchers?

You could also try:

Scarsdale – which worked excellent for me a few times. You just follow the daily menu. It’s great for people who don’t want to think too hard and want FAST weight loss.

Going Vegan – just don’t go overboard with carbs or you would lose anything. You’ll feel great though.

Going Raw Vegan – had a lot of energy with this.

No Eating After 4 – currently doing this. aka, no dinner.



You’ll want to find what moves you. Try:

Walking 30 mins – 1 hour daily

Dancing 30 mins – 1 hour daily

Taking a Class (Spinning, Zumba, Yoga etc…)

Finding a Sport/Physical Activity

If you are low on willpower, but high on funds, spring for a personal trainer. Do it. Wish I could afford one.

I find that dancing for an hour 6 out of 7 days to most high tempo songs works for me.



Stick to whatever is easiest for you to maintain. Find the healthiest foods (that you can afford) that you like. I’ll go into more detail with that in a later post. This is just to get you thinking.



Helpful sites for encouragement:




Find the one that works for you, whether it’s because you like the interface or whether you think the site is pretty, just find one you ‘click’ with. And there are more out there, these are just the ones I like.


Blah, I covered a lot in this post and if you made it this far, kudos :). This should ideally all be figured out before day one. Which, I did.


2 thoughts on “Weight, I’m First

    • Haha, I think I do too! I just want to try to look my absolute BEST. Meaning no stretchmarks, cellulite, rolls, or acne if I can help it. And figure out natural ways to do that.

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