Day 2

My Day:

  • Awake at 7:30

I take a NoDoz (caffeine pill) and drink a few gulps of water (not too much or I feel water logged).

  • “Twerk”out/ dancercise from 7:45 – 8:30

This is the only way I can exercise, lol. I get quickly bored with working out and this way is fun and feels great afterward!

  • Breakfast, shower, then off to school.

Throughout the day I have to walk around the campus so I get more exercise.

  • All food consumption stops before 5.

Except for 2 prunes at night.

  • When I get home, I shower and drink green tea with my prunes.
  • Lastly, I “coolsculpt” for an hour before bed.


This is a typical school day for me. And the “coolscupting” I’ll explain later.


As for the rest of my day it was spent walking around my college campus in shorts (recently comfortable enough with my legs), almost dying of boredom in class, and twerking in a random mirror with my best friend :P.

It was a good day.


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