A Brief Weight “Loss” Story (In a Brief Timeline)

I want to make this as short as possible. But, feel as though it needs to be written.

6th grade — I first started noticing my body.

7th grade — First thought I looked fat. I joined the cheerleading team and noticed that no one else’s thighs looked like a butt when they crossed their legs.

leg butt

8th grade— used to pride myself on not eating (though I was far from anorexic, which meant I could go more than 2 hours without thinking of food)

9th grade — Became obsessed with my actual weight on the scale. I was 140 at 14.

10th grade — 150 at 15.

11th grade — 160 at 16.

12th grade — 170 at 17 (yikes! notice a trend? :/)


Freshman — Started “exercising” at the school rec center (would eat a snicker bar after every workout :/) and began walking. Also worked at an ice cream parlor, so that negated everything. I didn’t get too far over 170.

Sophomore — Exercised and changed my eating habits some. I ate healthy foods, I just ate a lot. Lost 7 lbs on my own. Did the Scarsdale diet with my mom and lost 8 more lbs in 2 weeks. I did this the summer before sophomore year began. I was down to 155.

Junior/Senior — I changed some more of my habits, but my frequent bingeing kept the scale from budging ;P. I fluctuated frequently and went from crazy fatty bingeing to raw vegan. My body was not pleased and I got Shingles and a sinus infection from my yoyo dieting.

2nd Year Senior (current) —  The summer before, I stopped eating after 4:30. I would wake up at 8 every morning and dance for a solid hour, as hard as I could go without making myself sick. I lost some more weight in 3 weeks and weighed 141 lbs at my lowest. I would lose a lb for every day I didn’t eat dinner, but on the weekends I would and gain a pound back for every day I did. When school began, I stopped for a week to “regroup” and deal with school stress. But last I checked, the scale was back up at 151. But it’s strange, because everyone keeps noticing that I’ve lost weight that even I can notice. I’ll start weighing myself on Fridays to keep track. I was doing it every day previously, but that’s so stressful and depressing 😛

So yep, that’s the story. My goal weight is 130. When I weigh myself Friday, I guess I’ll see how far left I have to go.


2 thoughts on “A Brief Weight “Loss” Story (In a Brief Timeline)

  1. shingles?! wowww you’re intense woman! –keep pushing :] changing your diet is always a good thing, even if it’s just a little more strict than what you’re used to. i’ve been being kinda lazy with my exercising for the past few weeks.. I’m sure i will be back on top of it soon

    • Yes! Shingles, like an old person. I was being to rough with myself. I’ve successfully gotten over bingeing, now I’m just too poor to buy healthy food and have to eat ramen noodles everyday! I can’t remember the last time I ate something green.
      And I’ve stopped “exercising,” it just doesn’t work for me because I get bored. I did run earlier in the summer though. Thinking about starting Zombies, Run! I heard it’s fun and a good motivator.

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