My Legs, My Friends, and My Self Esteem


[ignore my expression! i felt awkward :P]

Growing up, I always thought my legs were fat. As I got older, I was told they were thick. Whether that was good or bad was up to the viewer. I would always wear shorts anyway, because they were comfortable and I could (as with everything else pertaining to my appearance) see myself through rose colored glasses.

In my Junior year in college (two years ago) I made friends with a guy who liked me. After I explained I didn’t feel the same, we became friends. He had a girlfriend and everything, and we would often eat lunch together (not with the girlfriend). During this time, summer was approaching, and for comfort reasons, I began wearing shorts. Now, I looked in the mirror and saw the same chunky legs I always did, but didn’t think anyone else saw. I had some cellulite going on and my legs were a bit wiggly, but once again, nothing I thought was seriously noticeable.

One day, I asked my friend (since I’d been thinking about it) “Do you think I can wear shorts?”

He replied honestly, “I think your legs would look better in pants.”

I didn’t wear shorts for a whole year after that. Not until just recently in fact. Not because I was ashamed or had my feelings hurt. I just didn’t want to be “that girl” who (in a Stewie Griffin voice) “had no business in shorts.” It was something that I wanted to save until my legs were toned.  I thought I could at least get away with it, but apparently , no, I couldn’t.

Now, you might say, “What type of friend is that? That’s not a real friend!” as my mom would say. And, yes, it is. I asked him a question and he gave me an honest answer that saved me a lot of embarrassment. I didn’t want to be blissfully ignorant, and I find that guy friends are the most blunt.

Besides, had he not told me that I wouldn’t be working on my legs. I personally can’t tell if I can wear shorts, but I’ve been wearing them! Every day in fact. It’s so hot in Atlanta!


4 thoughts on “My Legs, My Friends, and My Self Esteem

  1. I personally don’t see anything wrong with your legs. *shrugs*
    My legs are what some might joke are chicken legs but I strut with my shorts anyway. I had some people make fun of my legs before in high school talking about how skinny they were. I stopped wearing shorts for awhile after that. It wasn’t until college that I really started wearing shorts again. I can care less now of who or what anybody may think anymore. It’s hot so I’m going to wear shorts! So keep struttin in your shorts girl!

  2. You’re a cutie pie and your legs look just fine. i’ve always been a thin girl (i just started growing into my ‘womanly’ figure lol) but guess what? these thighs have ALWAYS touched, i have NEVER had a flat stomach , and I’m a thin girl with stretch marks on my bum. oh well.. lol. As my mother told me “girl you better wear these cute outfits and show that body while you got it!” lmao

    • My mom still tells me the same thing everyday lol. My body is a treat and a doll for me to live in and I enjoy. I want it to be just right. I’ll probably reach a stopping point sooner or later.

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