Saw My Crush

I saw my crush today, and yes, I was wearing shorts, lol.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “You still have crushes at 22?” and to that I reply, “Just one.” Now the story of my crush is a long one (something I won’t tell you about now), but I’ve “liked” him all four (going on five) years of college.

Long story short, freshman year I first saw him. I started having dreams about all of the guys I liked at the time (it was at least 7 :P, though I liked him the most) and I had two dreams about him, both of which ended well (which they never do). Those dreams kept me liking him all this time, even though I never really see him. Every once in a while, I’ll forget about him totally and start wanting to date other guys, then I’ll have a really good and vivid dream with him in it and I get caught up again. It’s annoying. I embarrassed myself around him pretty bad as a freshman, and though I don’t know for sure, I’m pretty sure he remembers that stuff. And I’ve never even spoken to him. I don’t even know the sound of his voice (my best friend, who’s heard him speak, tells me I’m not missing anything lol).

I’ve been using him as motivation all this time. Not that I want to be with him (though of course if he were to approach me I’d be all for it), but I want him to notice me in that way. He has a girlfriend now, though, but I still see him checking other chicks out. I want him to look at me and go, “Wow, that crazy stalker girl is sexy!”


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