I haven’t posted in a while because a lot of my focus has been on inner beauty instead of outer lately. But, having inner beauty is still a part of being perfect.

So I guess I’ll start with brief updates.

My weight has so far been the same-ish. I actually finally cracked the 130s! I’m now 139.2. That’s crazy since I’ve been eating Burger King for dinner all week and haven’t so much as touched anything green :P. I will admit though, the changes I’ve stuck to (dancing for 30 mins every morning, shunning the elevator, and walking around on my breaks) probably have been helping a lot. Most of the time my body has that just-left-the-gym feel to it (feeling fatigued, yet energized at the same time) when I definitely haven’t.

I’ve been getting tons of notices and compliments. More than normal. I think most people are just shocked that I lost anything at all. Like I said, I was 155 for three years. Thinking about how easy it was to lose this weight (2 weeks of simply no dinner and dancing in the morning) and how big a change it made is makes me wonder exactly why it took so long.

I honestly think praying for the right thing helped. I often prayed to God that I would lose weight without getting sick of doing anything horribly unhealthy or would pray that I figure out some way to lose weight. I began to ask that He send me something that works for me. Some way for me specifically that works and I can stick too. Because really, I’ve just been eating crap! Though my skin is making me pay for it with painful (albeit not very noticeable) pimples.

I think the trick is really making it so there is little room for error. In the morning I’m rushing around from the time I get up to get everything done. Dancing in the morning de-stresses me and gets me ready for the day. By the time I have to leave I don’t have time for some big fancy high calorie breakfast (I know it’s good to have a big breakfast, but not what I was eating) and eat a meal bar instead. And since I’m broke and jobless, I don’t have money to splurge on high calorie lunches and have been eating Campbell’s Soup at Hand and granola bars during the day.

I think I should also mention that I’ve decided to pursue my crush. Which is huge, since worrying about my image was the reason I never talked to him in the first place. I’m wondering whether I should document that journey (however it may turn out) on here or if I should make another blog. I’ll see where this goes. It’s a pretty convoluted thing that’ll greatly get away from the purpose of this blog which is about me and my goals. Well I guess he’s technically a goal…

I decided that since my body is more in order I can use it to seduce him, lol. I have a plan that’s set in motion. I wore a “sexy” (I guess I’d call it) outfit last Thursday that my best friend who was walking behind me at the time later told me elicited a three-second look from him. Ooo, lol. But seeing him is rare so I’ll see where it goes, lol.


Future Plans:

Ice Toning

I want to tone up my skin and I’ve heard good things about ice for toning the skin. So I think I’ll start taking ice baths on Monday and depending on how I feel about it I’ll see how many days a week I do.


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