Big Zits

So, as I said in a previous post, my skin has been hating my diet lately. In my defense, I went out and bought some kale and bananas and plan on maybe making some breakfast smoothies or green oatmeal (which is really tasty). I bought some kettle corn to eat for lunch this week and I’m actually pretty excited about that, lol.

But anyway, with my skin. I’ve been doing some reading and I think that I’m going to try a few things. I’ve read these things help:

  • Alcohol (dries out the skin rids it of puss, but too much will actually attract more acne)
  • Moisturizer (to counter act the dryness, but not too much)
  • Daily washing (I already wash twice a day, more than that seems like excess)
  • Oatmeal/honey/yogurt/some type of soothing humectant (I’d do this three times a week)

I’m trying to get serious because one of my jerk friends asked me yesterday if I had herpes -___-.


I just tried rubbing over my skin with ice, then with rubbing alcohol (70%), then with moisturizer. In the picture my skin is actually inflamed from me rubbing it, hence why they’re horrifically red lol. But they actually aren’t that noticeable. Or at least I don’t think so.


(Me in regular lighting.)

So I’ll see how that works.


6 thoughts on “Big Zits

  1. I’ve been breaking out bad lately too. For me it’s because I’ve been using so many energy drinks lately. It can definitely see it on my skin. I got to get back to drinking more water to balance things out.

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