My Week

My week was not so stellar. All weekend I was sick with either a mild flu or a strong cold. I missed class Monday because of it and my teacher told me that my artwork sucked and I should think about dropping the class a day after the final drop day. I got my first flat tire ever and realized that I lost my ticket for driving without my headlights on and there might possibly be a warrant out for my arrest. And I didn’t see my crush all week.

And guess what? I also had dinner every night this week. Good dinners too, with seconds. I even ate an Angry Whopper and some Satisfries from Burger King last night. And it was delicious. I haven’t gained an ounce. Crazy right? I always figured it would be like this. When I was 170 I was a bit confused at my weight because I felt like I ate enough for a smaller frame but wasn’t losing weight even after I started making all of my healthy changes. Granted I ate a TON. But I eat a ton now. :/ Idk, maybe taking on five flights of stairs to get to class every other hour actually helps. Or it could be the morning twerkouts.

But this month is already more than half way over. Time flies when you’re living for the weekend. And also, Halloween is getting dangerously close. There’s this haunted house called Netherworld that I pass by on my way home. The other day was the first day I went by in the dark and fog and flickering lights caught my attention and I thought, crap, I forgot I was trying to lose ten pounds by the end of the month. I really want to do it but have so little motivation. Before, I wanted to do it before school started back and it was warm outside. Now, with it getting cold, I don’t feel so motivated and with everyone having already seen my body and thinking I look good. But it’s for me. And I need to remember that.

As for skin, I had a mystery rash on my thigh over the summer and was prescribed many different medications by different doctors.


And there’s one more that’s missing. Yes, toss all of your rash cream jokes at me :P. The docs still don’t know what it is, but it goes away when I use the red tube and comes back if I stop for two weeks. Do you know what it is? I’ve been using both on my bum to see if they will smooth the skin. I did the red one week, and the blue another. Nothin’ doin’. Still rough. But I’ll figure it out.


Good news though, my big pimples are gone (I actually popped them with some nail clippers because they were so painful). Just waiting for the skin to lighten up and return to normal. I feel like they’re in such an awkward place :/.

Despite all the crap this week, it wasn’t so bad.


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