A Stirring in the Air


Today felt different. I woke up this morning and my family and I went to eat breakfast at Flying Biscuit. It was great, nice and packed with people but not too much of a wait for the food. Then, we rode around some of our old spots where we used to hang out and live when I was a kid. We even took my little brother into the exact same Toys R Us I used to love when I was his age (we’re 16 years apart).

But there was something strange about today. Riding on the road this morning, trying not to be too distracted by my father’s overly aggressive driving, I was staring out of the window and noticed that we were driving through a cloud. Not fog or mist, an actual low flying cloud. It was thick and white and fluffy and made it hard to see things in the distance.

Then, all day it had the feeling of early morning, even as it hit noon and evening, right up until the sun no longer touched the trees. I kept waiting for it to feel like evening, but it never did. Even now, the sun is setting and no longer visible but it’s still light outside, as if it’s merely overcast. Has it always been this way during Fall and I never noticed?

But morning always makes me feel empowered, like I can do anything with my day. And since the entire day felt like morning the feeling stuck with me all day. Hopefully, it sticks with me all week.


2 thoughts on “A Stirring in the Air

    • I was like that too! Until I realized all the things I hated about summer: mosquitos, heat, heat bumps (on my face), sweating, being hot, lol. To me, fall feels like a winding down. Like at the end of an event when everyone is getting up and leaving in this huge mass. Feels good to know you came, you saw, now you’re going home.

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