Be Careful What You Wear to Work

Inappropriate clothing can be distracting and may decrease office productivity.

My school semester is almost over. And with spring here (if Georgia even has a spring) it’s getting hotter and hotter, my solution to stay comfortable in warm weather is to wear less clothes. I’m currently a student assistant at my school (and have been for different departments since 2011) and clothing has never really been an issue. Between not having to work around my bosses and my general shame towards my body XD it’s just never come up.

But a few times (at most 3) this semester it’s been hot. And when I get hot, I get swamp crotch. This isn’t normally a problem if I’m not outside or moving. But walking from class up and down Atlanta gets VERY hot. So I’ve worn shorts. Thrice. And not just shorts, cutoffs. They aren’t all that short and come to a high school appropriate mid thigh. But apparently, shorts aren’t appropriate for work AT ALL.

Skinny jeans seem to be fine and even my boss wears them (with converse lol, idk if there isn’t really a dress code or what…) I asked at the very beginning when I first got the job (way back in January) if there was a dress code and she said no, as long as it wasn’t offensive. I didn’t know there was an implied “but no cutoff shorts” there. Or shorts period. Because today I mentioned the heat to my boss and said it would be easier if we could were less clothes to work, but that probably wouldn’t go over well. And she said something along the lines of “no shorts” and that was all I heard. I’d noticed her looking at them when I wore them before and even remember thinking, why is she looking at my legs? don’t my shorts pass the finger tip test? Lol, but this isn’t high school. I think for work there’s the dollar bill test, where no more than a dollar bill above the knee.

I guess I thought I could get away with it since I was a lowly student assistant. That’s a pretty bad thing. I should probably always want to impress my superiors 😛 So no more shorts for me. Hopefully since I don’t have summer classes and I’ll be straight in and out of work, it won’t be so bad.

Extra: Also, as for posting (if anyone’s even reading this, let alone consistently) I started this blog as an outlet for fulfilling my personal goals. I know I’ve been mostly obsessed with weight and there are girls’ bodies currently on my page, but it’s about perfection overall. Physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. I’m just OBSESSED with my outer, which I want to reflect the inner. If that makes sense.


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