Advice on Moving Out?

So, I’m 22 going on 23 in July and I still live at home with my parents. I have about $1000 saved in loan money (yeah, I know). I want to move out so bad. I go to school 40 miles away in the city and the 1.5 hour commute (for one way) is hell on my car, my bank account, and my time. I want to live closer to the city and apartments there are about $700 – $800 for a common studio apartment. With a roommate and two bedrooms it’d be about $450 – $500 for each of us (on the lower end). As an art student, it’s vital that I make connections and meet people but I’m stuck in the suburbs with a curfew and a low income.

I know some people might say, ‘you do what you have to do’ and that doesn’t work for me, my car can’t withstand the drive and my bank can’t withstand my car needing any more repairs (it’s 17 years old and I can’t afford a new one).

Now on to this issue. My job (I work as a student assistant at my school in web development doing graphic design) has told me that they will hire me on during the summer as a temp. As such, I’d be making $10/hr 26 hours a week leaving me with $1040 per month which is a decent number (I think) to move out on. But here’s the catch, it’s only for the summer. Once school starts back, they’re putting me back on work study where I’ll be making $8.75/hr up to 20 hrs a week :(.

Originally, they gave me two options. 1) Remain a student assistant over the summer for the aforementioned $8.75/hr up to 20 hrs a week. Or 2) become a temp worker and work at $8.75 for either 3000 hours and/or up to a year (then they would have to let me go for six months). They say that they really value me and want to keep me and it’s the first job that I’ve been able to really be creative. I know that I was only lucky enough that no real graphic designer applied for it.

You hear all the time when you are an art student that you need to find some way to make money while you produce your art. I want to be a comic artist (odd, I know) and realistically I don’t see success there (not without putting in real work). To be honest, I don’t need a “real” job (a 9 to 5, five days a week). The $10/hr 26 hours a week would be great if they’d only keep me at that rate. Then I’d have my time to devote to my passion. I was so depressed looking for jobs last year and going to interview after interview and never getting called back. I ended up stalking the Disney store who finally hired me only to make $7.75/hr.

Other people (friends and classmates) make moving out seem so easy! I don’t know a single person who’s at home (involuntarily). I feel like such an undesired bum! But anyway, my question is whether the deal they settled me with a better one than the previous ( number 2) deal? Any advice on moving out?


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