Back to Work

Welp, school’s out and I’m back to finish what I started last summer.

Last summer, I began this blog to chronicle my journey to perfection, starting with my weight. A journey that was put on hold because of school and want of a social life. Now, while I am working (which I wasn’t before) I still have more free time.

Last year I went from maybe 155-159 lbs down to 140 lbs in about three weeks. Which is crazy right? I did this based on some type of internal “common sense” that I can’t really explain with science, but I dropped a pound a day doing it (letting myself “chill” on weekends). I’m 144 lbs average now (I ate like a pig over the winter, though 4 lbs ain’t that bad). My goal is hopefully around 130 but when I was 170 it was my goal to be 140 so who knows where I’ll be satisfied.

I’m pretty much still doing what I did last year: no food after 4:30 pm; some form of exercise everyday (I dance 4 days a week and run 4 days a week with 1 day of overlap); eat whatever I want but generally stay under 1100 calories (did you know eating fewer calories increases longevity? ok, maybe not that low, but it’s only temporary); and drinking lots of water. I keep it simple and bearable. The only real challenge is ignoring the habit to eat with my family for dinner.

I take caffeine tablets before working out (want a more natural way and thinking of trying bananas) and stalk my “thinspiration” daily to stay motivated. It’s still Kaylin Garcia by the way :), I follow her on Instagram and her picture is my screensaver. While I think we’d never get along in real life, her body is GREAT and close to what I think mine would be at her size.

Unlike last year, I care less about the scale and more about the measurements (since 140 used to be the magic number :P). Last time I checked my waist was either 28″ – 29″ and I want to be 26″ (an average for the girls whose bodies I like). I’m so close! Hopefully, this is the year that I’ll finally accomplish my weight goals. Then I’ll probably move to my skin.

So, thanks for reading and caring about my narcissistic goals in life!

(Oh, and I’ll try for more pictures, pictures are more fun than words lol)


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