My Weeklong Beach Body Challenge

So, I’ve officially been challenged by life. My birthday is next Monday, July 14, and my best friend just informed me that he and some other friends are planning a trip for next weekend to the beach. That beach being Myrtle beach 😛 but still a beach.
I’d noticed a lot of my body crushes have awesome beach pics and I want some too! Lol,the trip is next Thursday to Sunday and that’s exactly a week from today. I just found out about it this morning and after pining over others’ interesting and sexy lives, I decided I wanted some sexy beach pics too.
So, I’m putting myself on a challenge.
I created another Bloom account and uploaded some new pics of my thinspirations (I even included a pic of my crush for extra motivation) and I’m going to set up a Proof! account which is an app that lets you challenge yourself to do something for seven days and you have to photograph your progress each day (or something like that).
So, my goal: drop seven pounds in seven days. Oh yeah. I’m doing this. Lol, I’ve done the ‘drop a pound a day thing’ a million times and I know what works.

My plan:

  • No eating after 4
  • Limit caloric intake to 1200 calories
  • Two forms of exercise per day (dance and 3-mile run)
  • Finish off the rest of my diet pills with 2 per day(I use Slimquik Naturals and if I run out, my mom has OxyElite)
  • Make sure I’m taking caffeine so I get a good energy boost

We’ll see how this goes, especially since one of these days takes place on my birthday :P. I want Golden Corral for breakfast (yes, I’m simple) and I don’t think I’d need dinner and certainly not a cake.
We’ll see how I do!


4 thoughts on “My Weeklong Beach Body Challenge

  1. Good luck !! Just make sure your not eating under 1200 calories because your body will crash ! 1200 cal is minimum our body NEEDS! have a great birthday girl!!

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