Weeklong Weight Loss Challenge: Day 5

So today I weighed 143 😛 Why! Though, I haven’t BMed in like three days. (And all that Golden Corral is technically still in there)
So, yesterday I went to the park and actually did 5 miles 😀 and burned 550 calories. I’m sure I had to eat 3000 cals at Golden Corral though (or maybe not). It was cool out, though still humid by the time I went at 7:30 and a lot of people were out.

In other news, today’s my birthday 😀 I was officially 23 at 5 am. I feel decent about it. A little bummed about my lack of weight loss, especially with the trip being three days away. But hopefully, I’ll get over it.
I plan on having a day filled with writing, playing PlayStation, watching K-dramas, and swimming in other people’s pools.


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