Weight Loss Updates

Getting to the point, I’m so frustrated!! I finally figured out that not eating after 4:30 pm no longer works for me. So I decided to try something my mother was doing called a macro diet. I don’t know specifics, but she was eating a very Atkins-like meat and cheese based diet. I started it on Monday and was immediately craving sugar (carbs are the enemy and sugar is carbs 😛 ). I bought a lot of sugar free candies to fix the craving.

I did okay until today when, of course, it was my bosses birthday. And we went out and trying to keep my carbs low, I got a savory crepe which wasn’t so bad. I had decided to rearrange my dinner when, of course, we get back to the office and there’s cupcakes. And not Publix cupcakes either, the nice Cupcake Wars decadent 5 bucks a pop kind. So, I ate one. I’m sure the carbs in that thing was through the roof.

I told myself I wouldn’t regret it, but of course I do. Mainly because I’ve only been dieting four days. And I don’t really count today or Monday. It’s just Thursday and I have a whole weekend to get through. I don’t know if I said it before, but my biggest setback is people. People and saying ‘hey, you wanna go out to lunch?’ ‘hey, I’m going to Chipotle, wanna go?’ ‘wanna get some ice cream with me?’ and my stupid weak mind NEVER says no. I also went because it was my coworkers and I’m not trying to seem like a hermit. I need to learn to say no. I think if I just start, it won’t be so bad.

Meanwhile, I’m devastated over my ruined week and don’t know what to do. I spent so much money on food just to screw it up and I’m so pissed at, not myself, but life. I was almost homefree. I spent 50 bucks on groceries for just me and not it’s all going to pot because of one f-ing cupcake. Blah world, blah.


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