Back from Myrtle Beach :)


In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to and how my trip went, it was good 😉
I actually didn’t realize how much I’d needed it until I got there. I had TONS of fun. My friends and I went to a club and apparently some cute guy wanted to dance with me but was too shy and was quite crestfallen when some other guy did. My best friend told me to go back and talk to him but I thought he was joking… Until I heard the same story from two other people 😦

As for pre-trip weight loss… sigh. I didn’t prepare myself well enough for things like temptations, pitfalls, setbacks and it made me realize that I never do. So I’ve been working on that. Mint gum for when I’m bored. Watermelon for when I’m craving. K-dramas and Candy Crush for when I’m sad or anxious. Dance music when I’m happy 🙂 I haven’t figured out how to handle peer pressure yet 😛 But I will. I’m at my worst with my friends.

During the trip I ate a ton, but I feel like what I ate was balanced with the constant walking and fighting against the waves and doing the zip-line and ropes course (cute guys there too, they were all different types of European with accents and everything, but there was one who was blonde and had pretty eyes who was very much in my personal space… sigh, I liked him).

But I’m back on my diet. I’ve been eating watermelon for dinner this week. I’ve wanted it since the beginning of summer but didn’t indulge because I thought it was expensive. I dance in the morning and run/walk in the evening (though it’s so humid in GA right now).

And in case you were looking at this picture and wondering why I’m trying to lose weight, and I actually think I look decent from the front (and I like my fat thighs, though I think I’m deluding myself into thinking my stomach is flatter than it is 😉 ). It’s the back I’m concerned with. It’s also the reason I’m wearing a shirt at the beach 😛 I have rolls. Back rolls. Three of them and I’m way too embarrassed to post a pic of them. But they’re there and bug the crap out of me. And my body needs work elsewhere too. But mostly, I’m ashamed of my fat back.

So, that was my trip and my new friends are planning for a cruise sometime in January and I vow to be ready!


My Weeklong Beach Body Challenge

So, I’ve officially been challenged by life. My birthday is next Monday, July 14, and my best friend just informed me that he and some other friends are planning a trip for next weekend to the beach. That beach being Myrtle beach 😛 but still a beach.
I’d noticed a lot of my body crushes have awesome beach pics and I want some too! Lol,the trip is next Thursday to Sunday and that’s exactly a week from today. I just found out about it this morning and after pining over others’ interesting and sexy lives, I decided I wanted some sexy beach pics too.
So, I’m putting myself on a challenge.
I created another Bloom account and uploaded some new pics of my thinspirations (I even included a pic of my crush for extra motivation) and I’m going to set up a Proof! account which is an app that lets you challenge yourself to do something for seven days and you have to photograph your progress each day (or something like that).
So, my goal: drop seven pounds in seven days. Oh yeah. I’m doing this. Lol, I’ve done the ‘drop a pound a day thing’ a million times and I know what works.

My plan:

  • No eating after 4
  • Limit caloric intake to 1200 calories
  • Two forms of exercise per day (dance and 3-mile run)
  • Finish off the rest of my diet pills with 2 per day(I use Slimquik Naturals and if I run out, my mom has OxyElite)
  • Make sure I’m taking caffeine so I get a good energy boost

We’ll see how this goes, especially since one of these days takes place on my birthday :P. I want Golden Corral for breakfast (yes, I’m simple) and I don’t think I’d need dinner and certainly not a cake.
We’ll see how I do!